Monday, 22 September 2014

Senator Jacqui Lambie on the threat of sharia law to Australia

Excerpts from Lambie's speech in the senate today (hold onto your hat):

"The sharia foe stands for pure evil. Despite the horrific images and evidence of the evil of these sharia extremists which flood our televisions and computer screens, there are still those in our community who are innocent to the sharia supporters' intent, motives, capabilities and threat. There are still those in the community who don't realise that these thugs and extremists will not stop their acts of terrorism and depravity until their way of life, their culture, and their law is imposed on Australian, indeed, the whole world.

There are still those in our community who think we can negotiate peace with these monsters and agree to some of their law and custom.

It's about time we faced the fact that these maniacs & depraved humans will not stop committing their cold blooded butchery & rapes until every woman in Australia wears a burka and is subservient to men.

These depraved sharia law supporters will not stop until all Australians worship the same ways they do. These thugs will not stop their killing until we bow down before their religious leaders who will tell us how to live our lives and conduct our business.

If any law other than Australian law was recognised or following [sic], either formally or informally, it would clearly show divided loyalties to our nation and its constitution. 

And yet, we still have Australian citizens who continue to protest, advocate, and push to allow a form of sharia law or cultural practice in our country. 

It's now time to get rid of this sharia rubbish in Australia. 

If we are going to send our forces overseas to battle against these fanatical sharia supporters, then we also need to get rid of them and their associates on home soil. Clean up the rubbish in your own backyard before you try to clean up the rubbish in others'. This advice my grandmother gave, and advice we should follow.

We don't want our troops putting their lives on the line overseas only to come back home and find our government have sold out to the Australian sharia supporters. 

I've been criticised by some because I couldn't properly define what sharia law is. It's not going to come as a shock when I tell you that I'm not an Islamic scholar. However, I will tell you what I do know about supporters of sharia:

Every major terrorist attack on the Western world, citizens and Australian citizen and nine-one-ones - the nine-elevens - the Bali bombings, Boston, the marathon bombings, recent beheadings and massacres, have all been carried out by supporters of sharia law.

If people want more detail on this law, my advice is to go and Google "sharia". Be careful, you will see shocking images from overseas which I don't want repeated in our beautiful nation. 

Essentially, sharia law is a law made up by men who hate women. It takes away women's rights, attacks equality, and treats them like slaves and second-class citizens. Sharia law forces women to wear clothing which covers their face and body on threat of being beaten or killed. 

Any form of sharia law in Australia, no matter how small or benign, will mean church and state are no longer separated.

Overseas experience shows that under sharia law, religious freedom would be destroyed, while an extremist monoculture is established. It will also mean that the death penalty will be imposed on people who criticise or reject the state's official religion and women who are found guilty of adultery.

Torture and body mutilation, limb removal, will be state sanctioned for those found guilty of stealing. 

Sharia law makes it ok for girls to be denied the same education rights as males and prohibits women from driving. 

Sharia law makes sport and music illegal. Sharia law makes it ok for the state to kill anyone who disagrees with religious leaders' beliefs and their teachings; makes it ok for the state to mutilate and torture people who are found guilty of minor crimes like stealing. Sharia law allows men to have four wives - polygamy is unlawful in Australia and should always be unlawful. Sharia law allows men to divorce their wife by saying "I divorce you" three times. That's not bloody Australian. 

Sharia law forbids interest on money lending. Shall we change the banking industry? Sharia law allows for and fails to criminalise the barbaric custom of female genital mutilation.

Each member of the parliament knows the truth of the words I have spoken.

If you do support sharia law then I will say, and continue to say, "Then get out of Australia." If you oppose it, then welcome."


Google 'sharia' and you'll find an ABC article

Outspoken PUP Senator Lambie recently made headlines when she said that anyone who supports sharia law should "pack up their bags and get out of here".
Indeed, many seem to be under the impression that sharia would 'take over' the Australian constitutional legal system, or encourage terrorism.
Professor Abdalla said that despite this view, "non-Muslims are exempt from sharia, except in cases of murder, manslaughter, rape and theft", and Muslims are encouraged to obey the laws of the country in which they reside under sharia.
"That the sharia obliges Muslims to comply with the laws of their country of residence is premised on the Koranic dicta demanding fulfilling "obligations" and "covenants"...