Monday, 9 May 2011

musings beyond the weather

Is a sunny autumn day here, but we had a massive thunderstorm last night which screamed it's cloud-lungs out, dumped heavy buckets on my tin-roof, spat a few white fireworks and ended with a brief pink glow of sunset upon grey clouds. Was lovely.

Oh, and also - some thoughts I wrote after watching watching Art Nation and that gorgeous androgynous model…

Andrej Pejic has emerged as the poster boy for androgyny. Art Nation meets the 19-year-old Serbian Australian model who has taken the fashion world by storm.

Someone explained he just happens to be a guy being dressed in girl's clothing. But, I thought, it's more that he's in the clothing that we have been dressing girls in.

It's considered Pejic's the latest example - post Bowie, Marilyn Manson even -  to assist us in letting go of the classification of gender.

He looks, feels, thinks androgynously.

This is wonderful.

So, I think, I don't need to define myself as a woman. Also: consider how people say, for example, an invalid ought not to be defined by their illness; or when divorced not to be defined as a 'divorced woman' - that's not who you are, it's an experience you're having.

Therefore, being a woman is an experience I'm having.

Ergo: being human must be an experience I'm having.

So, if being human - or a human being -  is not who I am or how I am to define myself, then what is?

When does this reduction of definitions become something spiritual? And, if it doesn't lead to spiritual assumptions, ideas, then does it lead to considering we don't exist? !

Does this continuing lack of labels, judgment, definition move ahead until we reach a point of not defining ourselves all?