Sunday, 3 April 2011

From dumb to dumber, & then some

Ah, Andrew Bolt. Immensely annoying and vocal (and persistent and preposterous) was he this morning. Obviously he's found recent extremist bantering, bannering (i.e. 'Ditch the bitch') and hollering quite vivifying. All this lowering of tone energising him to ramp up his own practicing of it.

Julia Gillard's ill-advised rant to please labor purists scared by their proximity to the Greens included some phrase about how the Greens don't support families, and Bolt believed it obvious that was a derogatory dig at Bob Brown's sexuality.

On the carbon tax issue his demanding query to Lenore Taylor was: tell me how much of a degree or percentage thereof this tax will be reducing global temperatures. Taylor repeated that we're beyond reducing it, we can only constrain it. Bolt's mature response: ha! you can't can you!! And this was about the point that I (and, it appears, many others) switched off.

I've realised Bolt's tactics (perhaps even subconscious) are to pose such an absurd query as to momentarily gobsmack the queried and therefore delay their ability to respond.

All so frustrating.

I tell you, almost ALL local pollies are driving me batty of late. Tactics are apparently more important than good arguments re policy. I've reached a point where I'm fed up with the emphasis on voter-appeal, the having-to-please-everyone area of politics.

And look! it merely encourages the likes of the Bolt-dolts.

Why even bother listening anymore?