Tuesday, 8 February 2011

JG & the real JG (or: I can't believe it's not butter! ...what?)

Heavens! Will wonders never cease! Last night I was agreeing with Amanda Vanstone!

Can you believe it?

And it gets worse, but might I first say: Earlier I had appreciated Carmen Lawrence's views re Julia Gillard, which was quite understandable. She was basically saying that JG keeps an eye on the populist viewpoint, likes to do what's 'possible' - hence perhaps her too-ing and fro-ing re environment, price on carbon, yay/nay - but that good ol' JG also has the ability to stand up for what she believes in.

JG herself denied, firmly (as is her wont), that she is 'too willing to wait for a consensus' adding that her past proves it.

Generally I think a lot of people quite like her past and are gosh darn well waiting for it catch up; for the real/old Julia to be present!

Vanstone said, btw, that JG's been getting bad advice. Essentially, her minders are crap.
(Hopefully JG's recent replacement of her Chief of Staff will assist in improving such matters.)

But, I agree
- and I think Gerard Henderson said this - look! the wonders! they're not ceasing! -
that it's early days yet.

And I must add: how much do you think JG's dismaying today that perhaps her highest praise on abc television last night was a positive comparison to John Howard? She's lovely to sit down and have a chat with, like him. Hmm.