Monday, 23 February 2009

La la land

Well, dear Perth boy Heath has won an Oscar today. I was especially pleased as he was my boyfriend last night and this made it quite touching for me.

Not touching in that way. I mean, yes it was a dream, and yes we were in bed together for some of it... but it was more like we were a married couple. So, yeah, no sex.

But, you know, the coziness was nice and hey, it could've been someone else who's been in the news and such recently.

Like Peter Costello.

Or worse again.

A three-way with Peter Costello and John Hewson.

I'm guessing this would have involved a bit of bondage... Hewson likely holding the whip and Costello being the gimp or something...

At least then I could have confirmed whether or not he has balls...

(Oh politics. It's so dirty. Thank God for the movie industry.)