Monday, 14 July 2008


Glenn Milne has said today:

I was warned on Saturday by one of the most senior - and I mean one of the most senior elected office holders in the land - that if I reported claims in a new book that Julia Gillard had been Kevin Rudd's preferred choice as treasurer I would not be dealt with again by the Government. And to his credit, the person making those threats wasn't Wayne Swan.

Sadly adding:

At least whatever punishment is dealt out to Brendan Nelson, even by his own side, he doesn't behave like that.

I'm guessing it's van Onselen's book, 'Howard's End'. What's the big deal after his shocking, I mean, really shocking!!!!! revelation that Rudd has "somewhat of a potty-mouth". Which was disappointingly dulled by the addition that he uses the f-word much less in female company.


From this, and the revelations that Rudd has quite a nasty temper, we can assume that Milne was actually told by Kevin Rudd himself to "Fuck off Glenn, and don't you fucking dare write of such vile fucking things as my intentions for Julia's fucking role in fucking government you fucker" giving Milne a kick in the ass as he booted him out the front door of Parliament.

Can I just add that, um, it seems a bit of an overreaction to try to censor journalists from reporting something already published...? You know, just thinking...