Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Important things to remember:

1. When dining out don't complain that your seafood dish is taking too long as apparently the customer is not always right.

2. Keep your distance from icicles, these too can be fatal.

Don't complain that Cate Blanchett is not women enough for the start of the 2020 Summit, as there are actually six co-chairs that are women cause they're of the politician hand-holding side, which means seven of the ten working groups will have a woman co-chairing although this really means six women will have mere "leadership" roles and Cate Blanchett will be the only one to have ideas heard...

Um, am I feeling better yet?

I will point out however that the Opposition's Sussan Ley is surely more correct than even she realises when she says "I doubt it would have happened under John Howard."
True. I reckon if he was ready to listen to Australians' ideas he might have done it some time during the 11 years he was PM! I mean, is not like he was losing touch or anything... Not like that's why he LOST THE ELECTION!!!

Who's losing touch now eh Sussan dear?

4. The Coalition appears to have learnt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from their massive loss at the last election. (Especially Ms Ley who was obviously pushing her point a bit too far. Howard! Listening! To Others! *bwhahahahahahaha!* Ahhh. Oh. Yeah. Janette maybe.)

PS - Howard has said he is actually really looking forward to the 2020 meet. He loves his cricket!