Friday, 12 October 2007

Politics in pics

Pretending to care suddenly pre-election... but still not sorry...

Anyone buying it this time?

No.* Didn't think so.



After receiving several trees-worth of 'compelling' information from Howard - obviously encouraging me to vote for him - I was pleased to receive merely a little scrap of card from Rudd with the message:


...or something like that.

The man has a plan. But could he please get a few new moves? The same old gesticulations of 'check out the bulb over my head, I have an idea' finger (see above) and the thumb over the shoulder are driving me mad (may he show them 'the back door' - that phrase sucks too; and yet I'm voting for him... *sigh*).

* I think a lot of us are feeling similarly to Gigglewick... & Susanna...