Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Estes asks about the children

Here's an excerpt from the beautiful writings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes asking Burma's Senior General Than Shwe to "show us these children are alive and unharmed."

There have been thousands of child monks exactly like these living, running, laughing, studying and being mischievous in the monasteries throughout Burma. At least until this week.

...and then you Senior General Than Schwe, leader of Burma, You put your hands inside the hands of the soldiers; You put your aged eyeballs behind the young eyes of the soldiers; and You put your soft muscles inside the hard muscles of the soldiers; and thus You seized, You butted and bludgeoned, and You murdered at will.

Where are these children Senior General Than Schwe? Who is caring for them? In what condition are these children now that many of the only care-giving parents they’ve ever known have been injured and slaughtered?


You who impose the instant death penalty over any Burmese dealing in drugs, You put your soft hands inside the calloused hands of opium workers and milk the poppies; You put your weak spine inside the supple spines of workers packing the bundles; You put your corned feet inside the feet of the young who pull the wagons and who drive the trucks to places where Your latest crop of ‘corrupt the young’ drug can be sold illicitly.

And all this opium money flows into your pockets as though you are both the grist and the mill. It’s a wonder you don’t leak white powder when you walk. Than Shwe, you know so many ways to kill people even all the way across the ocean.

For Burma updates see post below. [Sorry if I'm over-burdening you with Burma lately. When I can manage to think of something else I will write of something else - hopefully light and amusing...!]


Just read of Bloggers protest organised for 4 Oct/tomorrow.