Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I'm the blogger to see for Hot Gay Dwarfs, baby!

Ooh, have finally had a peep at my stats and I see I'm at 996 visitors!

[Hey, I've only been on here since May; that anyone comes here is a marvel to me (you wonderful souls you!).]

I will have to persuade The Man at the Pub to make me a commemorative plate (he's good at that stuff).

Actually. No... I think I'd prefer a commemorative snow dome, perhaps with blooms or petals instead of snowflakes. Well maybe some silver glitter too - you know, coz I wants it ta be classy.

***If you suspect you are the 1000th visitor, send your snow dome request to
The Man at the Pub (I'm sure he'll be thrilled).***

Anyway - re stats - having a gander at referrals was interesting.

When I've checked before the search queries have been pretty dull. A lot of people come here looking for Ian McEwan (re my 'burn this book before you read it' book review). Probably some studious school students or something. Poor things. I don't think I'll have helped them much.

I also would guess I have considerably failed the lost souls who came here hoping to find:

"Hot gay dwarfs"

"Bosom betties" (?)

Info regarding: "ejac under water"

"Dwayne Johnson tight pants"

"bitch free fuck"

They all come with colourful mental imagery don't they?

Now, that last one... This person is wanting to find a bitch to fuck for free...? How much of a bitch can she be if she's handing roots out to random internet perves for free?!

Or, perhaps he is just a gentle soul trying to find a 'fuck' that is free of nasty, cruel ladies? The poor love has made 'sweet-sweet-candy' to too many heartless wenches and is just looking for a lovely lass to cuddle up to.

Yes. That sounds nice. I'll go with that. La la la la la....

Before I go, I'll bring your attention to the fact that I've bowed to public pressure and returned to looking like Vivien Leigh. I'm really very lovely now.

*preen preen*

Again I say, who could compete with this:

Although, this is my fav pick of her:

Feel free to think up some apt LOL Kitteh speak.

BTW. Have I told you how nice *ahem* I was to cats as a babe? No? Will add it to another post then.


P.S. Is another NEW POST BELOW. I hope you will read it and follow the links (look, really, how often do I ask this of you? NEVER. No. So it must be important. Yes. I'll be clear: this is doing no one a favour - except yourself... IMHO at least).