Saturday, 23 June 2007

Musical interlude - 'cause I bloody feel like it

Was reminded of this song the other day. As I don't own it but felt like hearing it again, I'll just be a bit self-indulgent and listen to it here. Enjoy it or ignore it as you wish!

(Deftones - 'Change, in the house of flies' btw.)

It's probably better listening sans vid really... But if your weekend is looking anything like the above, well then bloody good on ya!

P.S. I really must get into downloading music. Does anyone know the best site for this? There's so many songs I want but can't be buggered buying the whole album. I really must get tech-savvy and all... remember, I'm an old dear... (well, I do have an i-river... it's not like I'm hefting about a 80's-relic boom-box or anything... well... not often anyway...).