Thursday, 7 June 2007

C is for…

Well… er... 'Close to Keating'…? (as in 'similar' - C'milar... not alluding to any connections!)

Read this article today concerning that "lovely man" Rudd:

I visited a certain backbencher - and a Labor backbencher at that - in his Parliament House office. We're all grown-ups here, but none the less, it would be improper to quote this Labor backbencher in full.

Indeed, the C word featured so prominently in this Labor man's description of his boss that I started to shift uncomfortably in my chair after a few minutes. Now, around here the C word can be a term of endearment or the ultimate pejorative. Our backbencher, I'm certain, was applying it in the latter.

For in front of C, he used - unprompted - the following adjectives:










"He does not," the backbencher said, "have a friend in the place. But then Kevin is one of those people who has seen no need for friends in politics."

Many do not like him. But they respect his cool under fire, acknowledge his strengths as a communicator, and his discipline and cautious political instincts.

Good old Labor. Always so supportive of each other. That's how they've found their greatest successes!

Myself, I think ‘Cutie’ is a term of endearment…! Don’t know what the silly cunt’s talking about…